Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Home!

Hey Everybody...
We wanted to let you all know that we are home safe!  Parker had a really good night last night.  He went to sleep around 8:30 and slept all through the night.  I had been up for 39 hours straight with only 2 hours of interrupted sleep due to the alarms and nurses coming in and out of his room.  I have alot of sleep to catch up on for sure.  We got up this morning around 6:54am and Parker was ready to eat!  He still is not eating as much as we were before his seizure but the doctors have reassured us that it will pick up over the next few days.  Of course this will add more appointments to our books again, due to the follow up appointments with our specialists and his pediatrician.  But I have never been more thankful to run up and down the road for our little man.  You know.... when things like this happen, you learn all over again how precious life itself truly is.  You learn to turn the T.V. off, cut your cell phones off and play puzzles in the floor again.  Taking time out with your children is so extremely important.  Our world came to a sudden stop the day before yesterday, and I can't express enough to you how precious time is.  You leave home everyday taking full advantage that you will surely see each of those you leave each morning as soon as you return home that night.  And that guarentee just isn't there for any of us.....not even our children.  We sometimes consider ourselves as invinsible.  We morn the ones that are unfortunate and look at our family almost expecting that it will never happen to us.  Isn't that amazing!  That we could be so arrogant to think that we have everything under control and God has nothing to do with it?  When in fact He knows each and every one of our days that we will leave this earth to be in His presence!   I begged God not to take Parker two days ago.  And we know how fortunate we are to have him back home with us.  Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and we will keep you updated as we go!
Love In Christ
The Crafts

Thursday, November 11, 2010

By Far The Scarriest Day of our Life....

H ey Everybody...
Yesterday was the scariest day of our lives!  Parker stays with his grandmother during the day and has since his open heart surgery.  We are very blessed to have her available to keep him during the day with his past medical concerns.  Yesterday, after Lisa got Parker up from a nap she called me at work and said that Parker just didn't look right, and wasn't acting like himself.  She said that she needed me to leave work and look at him.  When I got in my car to leave work my worst fear became a nightmare.  By the time I got in my car to leave, Lisa had 911 on the phone and was screaming in complete fear.  Parker was completely unresponsive.  When I pulled into her house, she had him in her arms and Parker had no tone to his little body and his eyes were fixated to the left and was barely breathing.  I grabbed him from her and fell to my knees in the middle of her yard as I cried out "God, please don't take my baby...please don't take him today...we've been so faithful...not today God, not today."  As tears ran down my face I could barely breathe with the overwhelming thought of never hearing my baby cry again!  When EMS responded Parker was still unresponsive and they immediately placed him in the back of the ambulance and started working on him.  They proceeded to tell me that Parker was having a seizure and they were beginning meds to try and get them under control.  Unfortunately the medicine they gave him did not work and his multiple seizures lasted over an hour and a half, which was not easy for us to watch as parents.  One of the doctors turned to me and said "It would be in your son's best interest to have an emergency CAT-Scan done to rule out any brain bleeds...if it shows positive your son will need an emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain"!  So as they loaded the bed full of all the tubes and machines running out of his little body his oxygen levels dropped and he started throwing up.  I turned away from the room with tears running down my face knowing that from everything I was witnessing, his ventricles had blown.   Thankfully enough the test results came back in ten minutes and they reassured us that Parker's ventricles were still static and nothing had blown.  Thank you JESUS!  We had a very long night last night.  After having multiple seizures for the length of time that his lasted you have any where from one day to one week before you really return to your "normal" self.   Parker has been very agitated since he woke up and I haven't been to sleep yet.  I stood up for 8 hours last night with him, and he finally gave in at 3 O'Clock this morning.  This morning they started his 8 hour EEG so we will know they strength of the seizures from yesterday.  With this information in mind they will be able to let us know what to expect for medication when we get home.  Parker is resting now, and is catching up from last night.  Thank you all for your love and support over the last 24 hours.  Pray Hard and know that we love you all for every way you have reached out to our family!  We could not ask for a better circle of friends and family.  Also please pray for traveling mercies for my sister and nephew who are driving from California to be here with us.  They have never held Parker, so it will be an emotional homecoming for us!
Love In Christ,
The Crafts