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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Specialist's for our Little Man!

Hey Everyone...
   I know that you are all probably wondering why it has been so long since my last update on Parker....but things have been quite crazy around the Craft household!  Parker is finally in the 10th percentile!!!  YEAH!!! Talk about breaking the barrier!  He went to the pediatrician's office this past Friday for a well check up and he weighs 16 lbs!!!!  We were thrilled about this!  Willis and I did have some concerns going to his appointment though and unfortunately our concerns were correct!  Since Parker had his open heart surgery he of course had some delays in several different areas that we were fully aware of.  Parker had to lay on his back so much during his recovery that the back of his head formed another soft spot and flattened!   So after Dr. Bonnett fully evaluated Parkers' face and head he has decided to send us to Charlotte Craniology for an evaluation of his skull.  The left side of Parker's face is assymetrically off....meaning that the right side of his face is back further than the left.  We have scheduled his appointment for Monday April 5th in Charlotte.  We have been told that at this appointment they will take measurements of Parker's head and also take some photographs and then let us know at the end of the appointment if he will need to have a helmet for several weeks to reform the shape of his head!  We are very thankful that we are addressing this now because the window of opportunity for this is between the ages of six to nine months because the skull is still so pliable.  So...if you see us next and find a helmet on Parker's head please know that we didn't have any huge accident!  Not to mention, since Karlyn has been in softball, we have been joking that we needed to get him a baseball helmet to wear while we are at the park...and little did we know that he would actually need one for a specific purpose!  He is always 3 steps ahead of us!  Also.... Parker has a little bit of "eye jumping" issues with his right eye.  We will be seeing an opthamologist for this as well.  The Neurologist called this week to set up an appointment to see Parker for his eyes and to recheck the dialated posterior right ventricle!  The Developmental Therapist will be here on April 9th for Parker's first therapy session!  He will be working with Parker in a few areas that he is behind in.  They did say that Parker should not be in the program all that long because he seemed to do well on the evaluation last week and he was able to pick up on things rather quickly....which was very encouraging to her!  The Developmental Therapist is trying his best to find us a Physical Therapist to help with Parker's core tone skills...sitting up, rolling over, etc....but he did let us know that PT's are so very hard to come by so let's start praying about that now!  Let's see....did I leave anything out?  OH....Parker turned 7 months old last week and I will be posting some really cute pics of him really soon, so be on the look out for those!  I hope all is well with everyone!  Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!  We are enjoying every minute with our little man!  Even though he is still keeping us on our toes...we wouldn't have it any other way.  Please remember us in your prayers since we aren't completely out of the woods just yet with Parker.  But God has a BIG plan for him and we are so thankful to be apart of that.  It is very clear to us that Parker is determined to see every specialist and let them all know that he is here!
Love In Christ...
The Crafts

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